Call for MENAC team members

Do you want to work on common projects with young media makers from the Middle East and North African (MENA) region? Do you believe that “learning by doing” can contribute to a better understanding in the media between different cultures? Do you think that young media makers share the same responsibility for the world’s future and face the same problems in different regions?

If so, then MENAC is something for you.

What is MENAC?

MENAC is a committee inside the European Youth Press that aims to enhance intercultural understanding and to establish sustainable networks between young media makers (aged 18-35) from Europe and the Middle East & North Africa through media-related projects and events.

How do we want to achieve these goals?

  • Set up networks and collaborations with partner organizations active in media- and/or youth-related fields in Middle Eastern and North African countries
  • Organize projects and events in cooperation with Middle-Eastern and North-African partner organizations
  • Support regional Middle Eastern and North-African youth media projects with our know-how, experience and logistical support
  • Inform interested individuals and institutions on a regular basis about MENAC activities by means of our newsletter and through the MENAC webpage (

Why do we want to do this?

With growing globalization there is also an ever-growing need for journalists who know and understand today’s globally interconnected society. As European Youth Press we think there is only one real way to develop this kind of knowledge and that is through dialogue and cultural exchange. Especially when it comes to our southern neighbours, there is a real need for a better understanding, on both sides of the Mediterranean. It is the long-term goal of MENAC to create and improve this awareness.

How can you get involved?

If you are interested to be a part of the team, please send an English-language motivation letter, CV and a short description of your previous experience in the field to

DEADLINE: August 14, 2010