Apply for Parliamentary grants for your communication project

The tenders cover a whole range of communication activities related to the European Parliament

The European Parliament’s Communication Department has launched a tender for projects that will lead to a better understanding of the Parliament, stimulate public interest and participation in the political process. The themes for the projects include co-financing of TV and radio programmes as well as website and internet activities.

If your organisation is interested, the deadline for applications is 1 September 2009.

The successful projects would start on 1 January 2010 at the earliest and end by 30 April 2011 at the latest.

Individual grants, which will co-finance approved projects, will be made from an overall budget of €5 000,000.

How do I apply?

To be admissible, applications submitted have to meet a certain number of basic criteria. Proposals will then be assessed by an evaluation committee set up by the Parliament in line with the EU’s financial rules.

More details of the themes are available using the links below along with the application form and the applicable evaluation criteria.

The Information Offices of the European Parliament in capitals around Europe will also publicise this call for proposals on their websites and provide a link to the detailed procedures.

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