„I want to make this less active Europe more active!”

interview by Petre Fluerasu, member of ASJC Romania

Anna Sulewska is board member of European Youth Press, a network for young journalists all across Europe in which ASJC Romania is a full member starting 2008. Anna is also the coordinator of Orange magazine and a young media maker involved in many other projects concerning European media.

Anna Sulewska

Anna Sulewska

We are at the end of the conference here in Berlin. How was it? Did it meet your expectations?

Anna Sulewska: Of course we didn’t have enough time, so we didn’t do everything I would have liked to do. But you can never do everything that you want to do, so I believe that the most important objective has been reached, putting people together and making people which already built Orange get to know each other.

How do you think that the EYP network will evolve, in the, let’s say, next five years?

Anna Sulewska: European Youth Press started with 7 countries, and right now we have 20 plus 3 more organizations like Indigo. But it’s still not all the geographic Europe, so my big dream is to have the network in every country, because there are countries which need Youth Press much more then countries that already have Youth Press. One of my personal biggest dreams is to make Belarus in Youth Press much more active then it is right now, because we have great partners there, but they can not take part in many events because of the politicians. So I want to make this less active Europe more active.

Do you think that platforms like European Youth Press, Youthmedia.eu, Indigo, Orange, can help countries overcome difficulties in freedom of press issues?

Anna Sulewska: Of course. I am sure, because when we are meeting, even not-professional young journalists can talk about the situation in each country. It’s like being back in school and really learning. If I can talk to my friend Petre in Romania, I understand much more, I feel much more what he is saying then what I can read. So if we start going to conferences when we are 18, we have a very important lesson to learn and we’re also building a network. For young journalists, for all journalists, the most important is knowing people. And, if you have a friend in every country, just imagine you being a journalist when you are 30, you have so many contacts, and if something is going on in Moldova, you can just pick up your phone and give a call to your friend in Moldova.

People are talking in different spheres about the European Union becoming a federation of states, with only one government, in order to oppose the economic power of the United States, Russia, or China. Do you think this can be a solution?

Anna Sulewska: I think that as a journalist, my point of view in this matter is totally not important. I know that it will be much easier for all of us, travelling and working in Europe. So just from a logistic point of view, it will be much easier.

How did the EYP experience change your life?

Anna Sulewska: We are sitting right now in Friedrich Ebert Foundation, and I was here 5 years ago, at the first meeting of the EYP. When I went there, I was shy to speak in English, so I didn’t speak anything, I didn’t understand really what we were doing. So people from 7 countries met and wanted to start an organization, write a statutes, think about an office. I was 19 and I didn’t understand then how important it can be. And in one year we had an office in Brussels, and such a strong network, and we were already known.

If you think about Europe, what is the first word that comes into your mind?

Anna Sulewska: Networking.


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