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  • Inside ASJC Romania – New ASJC Members
  • Inside ASJC Romania – YouthPhotos
  • National – Summer Camp ANOSR 2008
  • National – General Assembly ANOSR 2008
  • International – Summer Media School (Lisbon)
  • International – Discrimination and Diversity
  • International – Launch of
  • International – Information Society and its Impact on Youth Media

Inside ASJC Romania – New ASJC Romania Members
Starting August 2008, ASJC Romania has 5 new members: Raluca Dinica, Denisa Caldararu, Severina Batca, Claudiu Degan and Petre Fluerasu.

Inside ASJC Romania – YouthPhotos
ASJC Romania is now working at the launching of the local version of an international platform dedicated to young photographers and journalists from Romania and Europe. The platform will give young media makers the possibility to download photos for their publications using an accesible interface. More details about the event and the project’s release to be announced soon!

National – Summer Camp ANOSR 2008
ASJC Romania has participated to the Summer Camp of ANOSR (the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania), which was opened by a debate on the so called “Student’s Statutes” in Romania. The debate was moderated by the vicepresident of ASJC Romania, Denisa Nica, who is also PR vicepresident of the National Alliance of Students’ Organization (ANOSR). 150 students, leaders of the Romanian students’ movement and members of ANOSR, met Romania’s president, Traian Basescu, at the federation’s summer camp in Eforie Sud. The students asked the president for his public support for transforming ANOSR’s initiative, the Student’s Statutes, into a public document, which should bring under regulation Romanian students’ rights and obligations. For further information, please check ANOSR’s official website.

National – General Assembly ANOSR 2008
ASJC has participated at ANOSR’s General Assembly, where a new Board had been elected, the strategy on the next year was established and future projects were discussed. The new Board of National Alliance of Students’ Organization from Romania is formed of nine members – a president, a secretary general and seven vicepresidents. The new structure was voted at the federation’s General Assembly held in Constanta between the 14th and the 18th of August.

The Board is the executive body of ANOSR and coordinates the federation’s activity for one year (2008-2009). The Board Members are delegates of the organizations members of ANOSR from all over the country, in order to assure the national reprensentation of students:
President – Cezar Haj
PR Vicepresident – Denisa Nica (also vice-president of ASJC Romania)

The traditional ANOSR projects represent anual events organized by the alliance in different cities. The five traditional projects will be organized  by NGOs from Sibiu, Iasi, Alba Iulia, Cluj, Baia Mare and Bucuresti.

On behalf of ASJC Romania, the particiants at the General Assembly were Denisa Nica, vice-president of ASJC, and Carmen Paun, president of ASJC.
More details on ANOSR’s official webpage.

International – Summer Media School (Lisbon)
Romanian youngsters interested in media have applied in high number for the Summer Media School, event which takes place in Lisbon, Portugal, between 21st and 30th of September. Romania is represented by four young media makers, and the 190 Romanians who entered the competition represent the highest number of applications of all countries.

International – Discrimination and Diversity
ASJC is promoting in Romania the Discrimination and Diversity Journalism Contest. The competition is addressed to all people who contribute to a better understanding of interpersonal relations and fight against any kind of dicrimination through their writting. The articles can be sent until 31st of October and the prizes will be worth 4500 Euros. For further information, please go to ASJC’s article on the issue.

International – Launching
Begining with September the 1st, the website is active! The site will cover the events during the Youth European Week. This event will take place all over the world, including Romania, during 2-9 November. On you will find exciting and unique materials about what will happen in Romania, as well as in the other countries. The events from Romania will be covered by Magda Barascu, who writes for and Euractiv Romania. For more details about what Youth Week means, access

International – Information Society and its Impact on Youth Media
ASJC Romania participated at the “Information Society and its Impact on Youth Media” Conference held in Skopje, Macedonia, between 11th – 14th of September, which was organized by FEJS Macedonia. There, 40 youth media representatives from 18 countries in the Balcan region, met to discuss on the latest trends in online media and about its impact on our societies.

The Conference has been devided into sessions covering issues such as the global village, youth online media, blogs, social networking portals and online communities. The speakers ranged from university teachers to young media makers. The sessions were modereded by some of the participants.

On behalf of ASJC Romania, the participants were Denisa Nica, vice-president ASJC Romania, who also moderated the first session of the event, and Mihaela Georgescu, secretary general of ASJC Romania.

For more information about ASJC and for subscribing for ASJC Romania’s newsletter, please write to

Five more days for your application on!


Fancy a trip to Brussels and a chance to exchange ideas and practical experience with young journalists from 27 EU countries? 200 places are up for grabs at this youth media event, to be held in the European Parliament in Brussels from 15-17 October 2008. To apply, you need to be living in an EU country or be an EU citizen living outside the EU. You also need to be aged between 18 and 30. Deadline for registering your interest: 24 September via

The European Parliament with the support of the European Youth Press are jointly organising the second European Youth Media Days aimed at journalism students, young professionals and other young people with an active interest in European politics and the media.
Over the three days, you will have the chance to:
-> meet your counterparts from 27 European countries;
-> discuss the future of Europe with senior MEPs from all over the EU;
-> take part in one of 15 practical workshops on TV, radio, online, photo and print, including: producing a European women’s magazine; setting up a TV debate on future energy sources;  or creating an online analysis of food inflation across the EU.
To apply for a place, all you have to do is register your interest at and  show your vision in a ‘wake-up call for European media’ – what do you love or hate about European media at the moment and how should it change? Travel expenses to and from Brussels, plus youth hostel accommodation, will be covered by the organisers,

Urmatoarea generatie de jurnalisti se intalneste la Bruxelles, intre 15 si 17 octombrie

Intre 15 si 17 octombrie 2008, 200 de tineri jurnalisti din Uniunea Europeana se vor intruni in cadrul evenimentului European Youth Media Days pentru dezbateri de top si pentru a produce media. Perioada de aplicare este deschisa pana pe 24 septembrie, pe

Bruxelles, 4 septembrie 2008 – Materiale proaspete de presa, minti deschise si idei provocatoare. Intre 15 si 17 octombrie urmatoarea generatie de jurnalisti se intruneste la Parlamentul European din Bruxelles in cadrul celei de-a doua editii a evenimentului European Youth Media Days. Gazduita de Parlamentul European si organizata cu sprijinul European Youth Press, intrunirea a 200 de jurnalisti aflati la inceputul carierei ofera oportunitatea unor discutii largi pe probleme europene, din perspective diferite si pe baza unor realitati diferite.

Programul editiei din acest an a European Youth Media Days accentueaza nevoia de a crea un pod peste granitele nationale din mass-media, fapt care sa poata genera un spatiu public si politic european. Pentru atingerea acestui obiectiv, participantii vor lua parte la discutii cu vorbitori precum presedintele Parlamentului European, Hans-Gert Pőterring, conducatorii grupurilor parlamentare europene sau cu corespondenti de presa din Europa.

Tineri interesati de mass-media si politica europeana, studenti la jurnalism sau tineri jurnalisti rezidenti al unuia dintre cele 27 de state membre ale Uniunii Europene pot sa aplice pentru a participa la acest eveniment pana pe 24 septembrie, pe site-ul dedicat evenimentului,


Alejo Vidral-Quadras, vicepresedintele Parlamentului European, Francesca Ratti, directorul general pentru Comunicare al Parlamenului European, si reprezentantii European Youth Press vor deschide evenimentul in seara zilei de 15 octombrie. Conducatorii diferitelor grupuri politice din Parlamentul European vor dezbate in mod critic viziunea lor asupra viitorului Europei, asupra rolului acesteia in lume si asupra politicilor sale economice si sociale. Ulterior, tinerii jurnalisti se vor intalni cu parlamentari si corespondenti de presa de la Bruxelles. Tinerii creatori de media de pe continent vor impartasi ideile si abordarile lor intr-un alt panel care va avea loc tot in prima seara a evenimentului.
Ziua de 16 septembrie va fi dedicata in intregime producerii de materiale de presa. De la televiziune la radio, de la presa scrisa la presa electronica si la fotografie de presa, participantii vor lucra pe diferite teme, fiind ghidati de creatori de media profesionisti si bucurandu-se de inputul unor membri ai Parlamentului European. Temele seminarelor vor include o serie larga de subiecte si formate, precum „Cu cat mai mare, cu atat mai bine?”, un tabloid despre largirea UE, „Mori de vant nucleare”, o dezbatere TV controversata despre viitorul surselor de energie si despre schimbarea climatica, „EUROpolitan”, o incercare de a crea o revista pentru femeile din Europa sau „O presa libera? Adevarul doare”, care va pune sub lupa nivelul libertatii presei.

Vineri, 17 octombrie, tinerii creatori de media vor descoperi Europa intr-o zi. Ziua va incepe cu un discurs-cheie al lui Hans-Gert Pőterring, presedintele Parlamentului European, tinut in cadrul ceremoniei de decernare a premiilor oferite de Parlamentul European pentru jurnalism si va oferi acces in lumea mass-media si a politicii de la Bruxelles. In timpul vizitelor la Comisia Europeana, la Consiliul francez al presedintiei UE si la Centrul international de presa, EYMD va ridica probleme legate de libertatile cetatenesti si de perspectivele care se intind dincolo de granitele actuale ale UE. Evenimentul se va incheia cu o seara dedicata tuturor tipurilor de media care va oferi o perspectiva asupra viitorului mass-mediei europene.

Toate informatiile legate de European Youth Media Days si de procedura de aplicare sunt disponibile
online pe

Pentru mai multe informatii, contactati:

ASJC Romania

youthweek. eu este online de la 1 septembrie

Iti pasa de viitorul tinerilor din Europa? In acest caz avem cateva vesti bune. Din 1 septembrie, poti accesa website-ul dedicat Saptamanii Europene a Tineretului 2008 la va ofera materiale incitante despre evenimentele din timpul Saptamanii Europene a Tineretului din Romania, dar si din tarile vecine si de la Bruxelles. Aici veti gasi informatii despre cele mai bune proiecte europene de tineret ale anului si  tot de aici veti afla ce se ascunde in spatele unei nominalizari pentru un premiu international.

Magda Barascu  va acoperi evenimentele din Romania. „Sunt un jurnalist de 28 de ani caruia ii place sa se vada ca fiind constiinta publica a societatii din Romania. Scriu pentru si Euractiv Romania. Profesia m-a ales pe mine: am absolvit Facultatea de Jurnalism a Universitatii din Bucuresti si am o diploma de master in Management media obtinuta la Universitatea Westminster”, spune Magda Barascu despre ea.

Saptamana Europeana a Tineretului are loc intre 2 si 9 noiembrie. Pentru a sti totul despre ce inseamna acest eveniment in Romania si peste tot in Europa, accesati!