Putting Pen to Paper: Discrimination and Diversity Journalist Award Launches


On 1 August, the European Commission launched the latest edition of its “For Diversity. Against Discrimination.” Journalist Award. For the fifth successive year, submissions are invited for this European competition which honours journalists from both online and printed media. The “For Diversity. Against Discrimination.” Journalist Award showcases the talents of those media professionals who, through their writing, contribute to a better understanding of the benefits of diversity and the fight against discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation, race or ethnic origin.

Hot Off the Press: Submitting Articles Online
Articles published between 1 January and 31 October 2008 in either print or online media within the EU are eligible for competition. Journalists who want to participate can submit their article on http://journalistaward.stop-discrimination.info. At the end of the entry period, national juries will gather in all 27 EU Member States to select winning articles. From these 27 national winners, a jury will then be assembled to choose the best three articles and appoint the overall European Journalist Award winner. The winners will be awarded with prizes worth up to €4 500.

Raising Awareness: an Integral Campaign Tool
The Journalist Award aims to raise awareness among European journalists about the disturbingly high number of discriminatory incidents affecting European citizens at home and in the workplace. A recent Eurobarometer poll revealed that 15% of Europeans believe that they were discriminated against in 2007.  The Journalist Award is therefore an integral part of the European Commission’s “For Diversity. Against Discrimination.” communication campaign to promote diversity and better information about discrimination rights for citizens throughout Europe.

Bringing the Issue into Focus: Special Award on Roma
As in previous years, the European Commission dedicates a Special Award to one specific theme. This year’s Special Award celebrates articles examining issues surrounding discrimination against the Roma community. In many European countries, the Roma – who collectively form the largest ethnic minority in the enlarged EU – suffer from racial violence, hate speech and discrimination in accessing employment, education, healthcare, and public and social services. A recent Eurobarometer study reveals that a quarter of Europeans would feel uncomfortable about having a Roma neighbour, which certainly highlights the extent of the problems that group faces on a daily basis.
Ringing Endorsement: Journalist Associations Lend Their Weight
For the 2008 competition, the “For Diversity. Against Discrimination.” Journalist Award has received the support of several well-renowned journalist associations. The European Youth Press and the Association of European Journalists are all supporting the aims of the award and the achievements of the participants.
The European Commission is determined to eradicate discrimination in all its guises. The Journalist Award is one of several EU initiatives to promote a change of attitudes and behaviour in pursuit of this important goal.
For more information, visit: www.stop-discrimination.info and http://journalistaward.stop-discrimination.info


SMS Lisbon: The list with the Romanian participants!

Dear all, I apologize for the information given to you a few hours ago. The organizing team from Lisbon decided to extend the deadline just for a few countries, and Romania is not one of them, because of the huge number of applications received from here.

So, the list of the Romanian participants for the SMS Lisbon (21st to 30th of September) is the following:

Catalina Chersin

Anne Marie Chelariu

Florin Ionescu

Adrian Popa

There will also be a waiting list, in case one of the Romanian participants won’t be able to attend the event.

Congratulations for the 4 participants! For the 186 applicants left: don’t be sad! Keep an eye on this blog, there are more such awesome projects coming this fall!

The deadline for the SMS Lisbon has been extended!

The deadline for the Summer Media School to be held in Lisbon from the 21st until the 30th of September has been extended until the 8th of August. All those of you who already applied should expect for a final answer regarding the participation after this date.