22 – 26 July 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria

The objectives of Youth Media Network Association (Bulgaria) project called “Provocations of European Citizenship” are raising awareness of the concept of active European citizenship at local level and “helping the young people to gain new knowledge about the European reality and European Citizenship”, and how important the media are especially with their informative function.

This project is supported by Youth in Action Program and hosted by hotel Hilton Sofia and Bulgarian Parliament with media partnership of Bulgarian National Television and with sponsorship of Burger King and Bulgaria Air Company.

The meeting in Sofia is under the patronage of the Bulgarian minister for European affairs – Ms Gergana Grancharova.

The activities on the project include a meeting of 60 young media makers and students (17-26 Years old), representatives of 5 students’ non-governmental organizations and youth journalists’ organizations from Bulgaria and Romania, who are going to exchange  an expеrience and expertise thus improving their knowledge of the concept of European Citizenship and understand its mission as mediators between the European reality and the Youth; Constructing our universal European home with the active participation of the local youth societies.

The participants are going to make declaration with ideas about how to achieve active European citizenship on a local level, which declaration they will present and discuss with congressmen from Bulgarian parliament’s citizenship and media commission.

The participants will attend a workshop in The Bulgarian National Television. They will make a movie about spontaneus impressions , common work , the activities during the project and this movie will show the results and aims of the project to the big audience.

Among the results of this meeting will be an information bulletin in three languages, an internet site with forum will be developed, which will serve as a base for future bipartite initiatives of the youth journalists. This project will keep growing on a local level in the participants’ countries and will guarantee long-lasting contact due to the prepared and signed declaration.

There will be lecturers at their disposal, experts in the sphere of the media, European citizenship and youth politics.

The working methods will be based on non-formal education principles: exercises, games and group dynamics, in plenary or sub-groups, in which the participants are invited to „produce” the content of the seminar rather than to „swallow” the information.

Among the partner organizations in this project is the full member of European Youth Press (EYP) – The Association of Students in Journalism and Communication Studies (Romania). During the last General Assembly of EYP in Barcelona, Youth Media Network Association became “observer member” of the young media makers network.  On 21st July will start the project website