ASJC back from Barcelona

Great news for all the ASJC members – ASJC Romania is now officially full member of the European Youth Press. After a week spent in Barcelona during the Start It Congress, the final day of our visit ended with the EYP General Assembly.

ASJC Romania was voted as a full member and, also, EYP has a new board. Congrats to all of the new board members and be sure you guys will get all of ASJC Romania’s support!

Coming back shortly with a list of future projects for ASJC!


3 comentarii on “ASJC back from Barcelona”

  1. Jakub spune:

    Once again – big congratulations Romania!

  2. denisanica spune:

    Thank you, J! We’re happy and willing to prove we deserve this, so be sure you find in our team a great support in your work as a EYP board member. Congrats again!

  3. Carmen spune:

    Let’s start it! 😀