ASJC, partner for „Provocations of European Citizenship” in Sofia

ASJC Romania is the partner of Association Youth Media Network Bulgaria for the international project „Provocations od European Citizenship”, which will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, during 22nd and 26th of July 2008.


The project aims to give young media makers in Romania and Bulgaria a context for creating media content and exchanging views and ideas on the topic of European citizenship, improving their knowledge of European reality.


The activities during the four days of the event include meeting of representatives of students’ non-governmental organizations, who are going to exchange exprience and ideas about how to achieve European citizenship on a local level.

The participants will join a workshop at the National Bulgarian Television and subsequently they will be taking the places of television presenters to represent this project.

The participants will also produce media content during this projects, such as:

  • the bilingual (Romanian/English) „Youth Media” web-magazine
  • a presentation CD
  • an information bulletin in two languages etc.


21st of July – arrival of the ASJC Romanian Youth Delegation by train
22nd of July-26th of July – activities
27th of July – departure of the ASJC Romanian Youth Delegation by train


Association Youth Media Network Bulgaria, with media partnership of National Bulgarian Television.