Be part of the Youthmedia Network

The volunteer team of Youthmedia and Youthphotos is searching for programmers and designers to join development of an europe-wide network for young journalists based on Ruby on Rails and the Creative Commons Licenses.

Based on Youthphotos, a platform for young photographers to share and discuss their photos, the European Youth Press plans to expand to other media and to create a social network for young journalists. Made by the target group itself, the platform aims to support young journalists on a regional and European level by exchanging media and information.

The Youthmedia team consists of young dedicated people working in different fields. Photographers, organizers, lawyers, designers and programmers are working on the platform. Based in different countries
the communication works via email, skype and wiki.

The development team is working with Ruby-on-Rails and searching for enhancement. The layout has to be rebuild, improved and new features have to be integrated. Also we work on the project during our free time, we work on a good level to create a multi-language/multi-media/multi-design platform. Working with Subversion and Trac we are not depending on personal meetings, but we try to meet as often as
possible and affordable.

So if you are a creative designer or an interested Ruby-on-Rails programmer and keen on improving your skills in a team on a real working, social project with 7.000 users and nearly 15.000 pictures just write a short note to Niels < >.

We would be glad to work with you!



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