Prezentare ASJC / ASJC presentation

ASJC invita studentii interesati de activitatile asociatiei luni, 21 aprilie, ora 18.00, in sala 614 din Leu, la o discutie informala cu membrii ASJC si o prezentare a activitatilor noastre. Daca vreti sa veniti va rog sa va confirmati prezenta la asjc.bucuresti at yahoo dot com.

ASJC invites the students interested in the activities of our association to an informal discussion and a presentation of our activities on Monday, 21st of April, 18h, in local 614 Leu. If intersted please confirm your presence at asjc.bucuresti at yahoo dot com.

Be part of the Youthmedia Network

The volunteer team of Youthmedia and Youthphotos is searching for programmers and designers to join development of an europe-wide network for young journalists based on Ruby on Rails and the Creative Commons Licenses.

Based on Youthphotos, a platform for young photographers to share and discuss their photos, the European Youth Press plans to expand to other media and to create a social network for young journalists. Made by the target group itself, the platform aims to support young journalists on a regional and European level by exchanging media and information.

The Youthmedia team consists of young dedicated people working in different fields. Photographers, organizers, lawyers, designers and programmers are working on the platform. Based in different countries
the communication works via email, skype and wiki.

The development team is working with Ruby-on-Rails and searching for enhancement. The layout has to be rebuild, improved and new features have to be integrated. Also we work on the project during our free time, we work on a good level to create a multi-language/multi-media/multi-design platform. Working with Subversion and Trac we are not depending on personal meetings, but we try to meet as often as
possible and affordable.

So if you are a creative designer or an interested Ruby-on-Rails programmer and keen on improving your skills in a team on a real working, social project with 7.000 users and nearly 15.000 pictures just write a short note to Niels < >.

We would be glad to work with you!



Non profit Institution:

Training ANOSR-ARACIS pentru studentii evaluatori ARACIS

Pentru a mari numarul de studenti evaluatori ARACIS, Alianta Nationala a Organizatiilor Studentesti din Romania (ANOSR) organizeaza in parteneriat cu ARACIS, un nou training pentru formare de studenti evaluatori.

Perioada: 15-20 aprilie 2008
Locatie: Bucuresti.

Detalii organizatorice:
– masa, cazarea si trainingul sunt gratuite!!!
– numar maxim de participanti = 30 de studenti
– cheltuielile de transport vor fi acoperite de participanti

Selectia participantilor:
– participanti pot fi studenti din intreaga tara, la orice facultate
– se va face in baza unui CV si a unei scrisori de intentie
– CV-ul si scrisoarea de intentie vor fi trimise pe adresa de mail aracis@anosr. ro pana in data de 10 aprilie 2008, ora 23:59.
– lista cu studentii selectati va fi afisata pe site-ul http://www.calitate. , in data de 11 aprilie 2008.

Detalii despre formatul CV-ului si ce trebuie sa contina scrisoarea de intentie pe: http://www.calitate.

Econosofia Debate Sessions

Econosofia Debate Sessions este un proiect in care discutiile se incing, spiritele se aprind, limbile se dezleaga, iar mintile se deschid.

Va invitam sa luati parte la o serie de dezbateri pe teme macroeconomice si nu numai, precedate de training-uri de comunicare, public speaking si debate skills.

Aflat la a doua editie, EDS 2008 isi propune sa reuneasca studenti din universitatile bucurestene interesati sa se dezvolte personal si profesional cu ajutorul educatiei non-formale. Organizarea proiectului sub forma unei competitii va stimula dorinta studentilor de a se informa continuu si de a-si dezvolta gandirea critica si spiritul analitic.

Leaving the fortress

by Carmen Paun

In the last few days, I’ve been leaving in the most secure place on Earth. Or so it is supposed to be. We have policemen all over the place and we are aware that the Security Services took all the security measures they could take. We’re also aware that on the roof of the buildings downtown really close to the House of People there are gunmen who are watching everything. I work in one of these buildings. I didn’t see any gunman, but my colleagues say they are there for sure.

But how come these days people living in Bucharest feel most insecure? They are aware the security measures are high, but they are also aware that the risks are higher than never before. In the same time, the security measures can become a danger for the people living downtown. The tabloids have been writing lately that those people from downtown aren’t supposed to open their windows because they can get shut by gunmen. And this is only one of the risks, they say.

I went to Cluj to take part in a student advertising festival. I missed my chance to stay the three days of the NATO summit in Bucharest. I missed the chance of living in the city history is getting written.

In the last few days, Bucharest suddenly became the most important place on Earth, the place everybody is heading to or everybody is paying attention to. The East European Capital, which was used to be outside Europe, feels important today. It is the what we, Romanians, use to call „buricul pamantului”, an expression I can’t actually translate completely, but I can say it’s similar to „the center of the Universe”.

The NATO Summit made many people from Bucharest happy. Because of the summit, they got some days off. And that’s because they wouldn’t make it to work with all the traffic and public transportation restrictions.

Others, especially those working for private companies, still have to go to work and they just hate the summit. They might have to walk to the office, no matter how far away that is. And all the security measures make them unhappy. They ask themselves: „why an event like this, no matter how big and how important, has to completely paralise a city?” Today my work colleague said something I’ve been thinking about too: they should have picked a place outside the city, a nice, awesome place where the world leaders would have been protected without having to give a lot of troubles to Bucharest citizens. I sometimes think NATO should build a place outside any big city where they could have all this important summits.

And I also ask myself where did the representative democracy got to nowadays, when the world leaders are so extremely protected, the leaders that are supposed to represent the citizens. Now they are protected against all the citizens. They seem untouchable. They seem gods. And we all know they aren’t. If we were to think about Rousseau’s theory, the power the world leaders have is the sum of all the power pieces each of us gave them. Nowadays, it seems that that power makes them targets for the so called terrorists, who are just some other people searching for power.

I came back when almost all this NATO summit craziness was over. But I felt like big NATO is watching us!