Think about the nice things you can do when you turn off the lights…

by Carmen Paun

… Nice things, of course. The first thing that may come to your mind (or is it just me?) is making love. But about some other kind of love I wanna tell you about: the love for the environment, for your place, for your kids to come, for your future, for the Earth.

That might sound pathetic, I know, but it might be the truth. So why not do something nice and easy: just turn off the computer, the TV, the lights on Saturday the 29th of March, for an hour. From 8 to 9. I believe is just a way of saying thanks for the air we breath, for the sea we like to go see every 1st of May and for the forests where we mostly stop for a barbecue.

Sydney was the first city in the world to do what I hope we’ll do on Saturday. You can see it here:

Just turn off the lights, it might be fun. And let me tell you one last thing – that’s the latest trend. Are you trendy?