European Journalism prize from the European Parliament

Are you a European journalist covering the European Union and attempting to explain to people what happens in Strasbourg and Brussels? If this is you then you are eligible to enter a new Journalism Prize launched this year by the European Parliament. Divided into four categories of print, radio, TV and internet journalism – the winners will each receive €5,000. To enter all entries must be published between 1 May 2007 and 30 April 2008. The winner will be announced in October.
The prize is intended to recognize journalists who have helped people become more aware of the workings and policies of the EU. With the debate over the reform treaty and new EU initiatives on climate change over the last year this work has become ever more important in explaining what the real issues are.
Am I eligible to enter?
Journalists who are nationals or residents of an European Union country are eligible. A maximum of 5 people may work on reports and articles that may be entered for the competition. The dates when work was published or broadcast must correspond to the dates above and must be in one of the Union’s 23 official languages.
Who is on the Jury?
The competition will be judged in two stages. A „shortlist” jury in each country made up of journalists will look at the entries from their own nationals and choose the best entries. Form this an „award jury” of three MEPs and six journalists will look at all the remaining entries from around Europe and choose four winners.
How do I enter?
All entries can be submitted between 15 March and 15 May.
More info on the European Parliament’s website.