Job Masters la FJSC / Job Masters at FJSC

Job Masters (martie 2007, Bucuresti, ROMANIA) a adus in fata studentilor Facultatii de Jurnalism si Stiintele Comunicarii (FJSC) doi experti in resurse umane: Sotiris Karagiozidis si Mihai Maties (Human Capital Solutions). Viitorii jurnalisti si comunicatori au aflat cum sa-si construiasca o cariera, ce sa faca si sa nu faca la un interviu si cum sa ajunga unde isi doresc in profesie. Evenimentul a fost transmis live de Radio Lynx si a avut loc in martie 2007.

Job Masters (march 2007, Bucharest, ROMANIA) brought in front of the students of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies (FJSC) two Human Resources experts: Sotiris Karagiozidis and Mihai Maties (Human Capital Solutions). The future journalists learned about how to build a career, about do’s and dont’s at the job interviews and about how to get where they dream in their career. The event was broadcasted live by Radio Lynx and took place in march 2007.